From our Founder

Dear Friend,

We live in a unique time in history.   Never has the world experienced so much wealth and poverty waging war on such a grand scale as today.  We live it 24/7 through the media and we search for it on Google.  We express our frustrations, fears and hatred behind the veil of login names and passwords.  We escape the constant tension and stress through mobile apps and Facebook games.  We share our love and generosity via online giving.  And we maintain our closest relationships through texting and social networking.

What’s wrong with this picture?

We are disconnecting from reality and creating our own.  Our children are not being educated.  Adults have fallen prey to the rhetoric and falsehoods being perpetrated through every facet of the media.  Information has become white noise and opinions ammunition.  We are ill-equipped to recognize truth when it stands before us.  The time has come to take responsibility for educating ourselves with truth and knowledge – God’s truth, not a personally convenient one.

Our nation is in imminent danger of self-destruction at the hands of its own under-educated, misinformed, disconnected citizens.  Our enemies around the globe are diligently working to exploit our ignorance and tolerance to bring the United States of America to its knees.  It is time for God’s people to take a stand and do something!  But to be effective, we must first understand what it is we believe, why we believe it, and what we can do about protecting our faith and our rights.

That is why, several years ago, a small group of concerned mothers and grandmothers came together in hopes of finding a way to make a difference.  Women Impacting the Nation was born out of the urgent need for God’s people to work together in love and truth to protect the Judeo-Christian values upon which this country was formed.  Education in truth is our vehicle.

Chapters were formed to host monthly meetings to discuss the issues impacting our nation, our families and our faith.  W.I.N. talks were established as the mechanism for learning.  Books are read and discussed by small groups of women meeting in homes – books that teach about our history, our founding fathers, our Constitution, our legal system, our rights and responsibilities.  Then, as we are educated, we share what we know with everyone we know.  Women connecting with women for a unified purpose – grassroots action at its best!

We invite you to be part of Women Impacting the Nation.  Contact us today to get connected!

Thank you and may God bless you,

Sue Trombino, Founder


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