Press Release Liberty Counsel Aug 19 2011

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Rally Seeks to Motivate, Educate, and Equip the Public to Restore Our Nation’s Values

Leesburg, FL – Next Thursday, August 25th, Liberty Counsel will host the Florida Awake! at the First Baptist Church of Leesburg. This event will gather support from individuals in Florida to take a stand amidst a presidential administration that has come against the core values our Founders intended for America. Featured at this event is Florida local Frank Lay, the retired principal of Pace High School, who was under attack by the ACLU for asking the athletic director to pray over a meal at a fundraising event. Liberty Counsel represented Frank Lay and several others in Santa Rosa County and was ultimately successful after three years of defending their religious freedoms.

There have been a number of attacks against Christianity recently in Florida, which have caused an uprising of citizens speaking out to defend our unalienable rights “endowed by our Creator.” The Ten Commandments has been targeted at courthouses, teachers are being punished for speaking out against same-sex marriage, students are being told when and how they are allowed to pray, and millions of innocent babies’ lives have been unrightfully taken.

In Mount Dora, Jerry Buell’s reputation as “Teacher of the Year” is now being contrasted with his recent suspension for expressing on Facebook his disapproval of legalized same-sex marriage in New York. Another ongoing Liberty Counsel case addresses a Ten Commandments monument on the steps of the Dixie County courthouse. The Florida Awake! event offers individuals the opportunity to celebrate their religious freedom, while learning what they can do to be proactive in their communities to stand against groups like the ACLU.

Also speaking at the event will be Harry Mihet, Senior Litigation Counsel with Liberty Counsel, Congressman Daniel Webster, representing the 8th Congressional District, and Rick Green of WallBuilders, a national pro-family organization.

Mathew D. Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law, commented: “The cultural war that we are facing in America has reached an epic proportion that we have never faced before in our lifetime. We are seeing unprecedented assaults on religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family. We must not turn the other cheek when our liberties are taken away. The Florida Awake! will motivate, educate, and equip individuals in Florida to restore our nation’s values.”

Register at or call 1-800-671-1776. Watch the live webcast at