Florida Pastors Faith & Works Coalition Tour

Florida Faith Works
“Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” James 2:18

Florida Faith and Works Coalition is comprised of Florida pastors and a team of supporting volunteers who have agreed to permanently stand united in their commitment to follow our Lord’s Commandment in Genesis 1:28-30. Subduing and having dominion over all the earth commands responsibility over the entire animate and inanimate world, including the moral values that form the basis of society.

We affirm that, historically, America was established as a Christian nation and its policies were based on biblical principles. The guardian of those biblical principles has always been His church and Hus church, in recent history, has passively abdicated its guardianship responsibility.

We believe that if America is going to survive and return to being One Nation Under God, His church must engage the culture, start living II Chronicles 7:14, and once again begin to proclaim His truth.

For more information, go to our web site at floridafaithworks.org, call us 1-800-846-7526, or email.  We pastors no longer have the option to remain silent – that is just another way of standing on the wrong side.