Why Me?


by Annie Durham (c)

Why is it me that has to stand, no one else really seems to care;

with so much else going on in my life, can I this burden bear?

I’m just me, I’m not elected and don’t work for a big corporation;
I’m just someone who loves, believe in, and has always been proud of my nation.

I don’t believe that our country’s struggles need to have been in vain;
we just need to find the long way back to our founding values again.

But tolerance isn’t blindness and compassion doesn’t mean free lunch;
And I, for one, think politics has ruined this Washington bunch.

It’s all about their positions and airtime on TV
and most of their “special projects” are complete stupidity!

Now, I don’t say we can’t and shouldn’t disagree;
but you’re trying to replace America with a land that isn’t free.

It’s called freedom of religion, not from it, dear friends;
that’s why we left England, to put the government’s church to an end.

We’re starting to look more and more like our friends across the sea;
I have to tell you here and now, that doesn’t sit right with me.

We’ve never been a cowardly country, but now we’re running scared
that we might seem politically incorrect to countries that never cared.

It makes me cry to see the depths to which we all are falling;
more and more I hear the blood of patriots and my Lord and Savior calling.

Who will stand and who will be a voice amongst all the fear?
and so I quietly raise my hand, step up and say, I’m here!

I’m just a mom, wife and daughter, a very regular sort;
but my convictions have more steel in them than you’ll find in your strongest fort!

And now you want to tell me where I can and cannot pray?
No disrespect intended, but that will be the day!

Republican, Democrat, Tea Partier, folks, that’s not the solution.
It’s a country that stays grounded on our priceless CONSTITUTION!!!

Not blowing in the wind, with mankind’s latest “great” ideas;
but a God-inspired document, that alone can truly free us.

God didn’t ask “why me” when he was crucified for man;
and I don’t want him to find me hiding when it’s time to take my stand!

The Good Book says he uses what the world calls foolish to confound the “wise.”
So come on and be counted with me, take your place and open some eyes.

Why bother, you say, it will never work, for we are just a few;
Ah, dear friends, lest we forget, greater is he that is inside you.

Of all the place I could have been born and lived, God gave me America the free;
Knowing I did nothing to deserve it, so often I’ve asked, WHY ME?

Please join with me this hour, to pray and do what’s right;
And help restore the American that is precious in His sight.

It has to start from somewhere if we are to keep her free;
and so I ask you the question, why not you, WHY NOT ME?